Collected from the depths of the filk soul by W.M. Achrya

Tune: “Queen Eleanor’s Confession” as sung by AR in “The Return Of The Native”



The dreaded George of Nottingham

to quench a fresh rebellion

doth ride along the Sherwood road

astride his tall black stallion.


Sweet Marian, the lovely maid,

stands waiting by his path,

her needy body driving her

away from home and hearth.


“Dear gorgeous George of Nottingham,

dismount and bide with me,

or better yet, mount me instead,

a filly fine for thee.”


“My lovely maid, sweet Marian,

wait until we are wed,

and I’ll be eager, pleased and thrilled

to take thy maidenhead.”


“Oh, bugger weddings, priests and all,

they will not do for me,

if I may not now on the spot

roll in the hay with thee.


Take off thy tunic and thy shirt,

thy breeches made of leather,

and let us in our birthday suits

roll in the hay together.”


Thus she's put paid to maidenhead

with rowdy, proud rebellion,

and Marian, no longer maid,

rides George, her mighty stallion.






(October 2009)